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Stem cells are vital throughout life because they can develop into specialized tissue. However, damaged or altered stem cells may be the driving force behind some kinds of cancer when their specialization takes a malignant turn for the worse. Malignant stem cells were first identified in leukemia in 1997. Since then, they have been found in breast cancer and certain brain tumors, including glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive brain malignancy in adults. Although it was widely thought that most cells in a tumor could cause it to grow, now we believe that in some cancers, a small population of stem cells gives rise to all the other cells.

Stem cells have an important benefit for the pharmaceutical field. New drugs can be tested on stem cells to assess their safety before testing drugs on animal and human models. For example, a cancer cell line could be created to test an anti-tumour drug. If the conditions can be perfectly replicated, testing drugs could provide very accurate results.

In cancer therapy, the detailed understanding of the effects of drugs in the target cells is of pivotal relevance in tailoring individualized therapeutic approaches. Furthermore, also new and more detailed diagnostics help to specifically design a therapy for the individual patient. Nowadays, flow cytometry becomes a key player in these endeavors.

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Whether your contribution to the Functional Cytomics Laboratory is one euro or more, it makes a difference for someone, every day. Philanthropic support enhances the lives of patients, their families, medical students, and the work of researchers, faculty and staff. We need and welcome your support to advance and maintain outstanding patient care, medical education and research: our mission to care, and mission to cure.

Our Laboratory is a significant resource offering the most advanced technologies for multidrug resistance screening, educating our future doctors and advancing basic medical research. The advances made by our medical professionals and researchers in clinical treatment and scientific knowledge could affect you, a family member or a loved one, and your financial contributions can help in many ways:

- Recruit and educate the most talented students and help offset increasing costs of medical education.
- Attract faculty and top researchers to our institution for generating leading-edge research.
- Provide expert and compassionate care for patients in our region and beyond.

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€5 Sponsors flow cytometer startup and shutdown procedures daily.
€10-30 Sponsors cell culture methods to study the characteristics of malignant stem cells.
€50 Sponsors monthly purchase of reagents or other substances and materials necessary for conducting research.
€100 Sponsors cryopreservation of highly purified malignant cells for a year.
€250 Sponsors new software licenses and updates every year.
€500 Sponsors publication in prestigious scientific journals, and plans for any exploitation.
€2,000 Sponsors research projects for our medical students every year.
€5,000 Sponsors our full-laboratory operation and program for a year!

Every gift matters. Please contact us if you'd like to give or to talk with us about making a contribution in support of the vital work of our Laboratory.

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