Purdue Cytometry Laboratory website at Purdue University
TSRI Cytometry Software Page (WinMDI Software)
Catalog of Free Flow Cytometry Software (Dr. Eric Martz, University of Massachusetts)
Salk Flow Cytometry Laboratory
Stanford University Shared FACS Facility
Fluorescence Microsphere Resource Center (University of Washington)
Cornell University Flow Cytometry and Imaging Facility Home Page (Ithaca)
NCI ETI Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory
The University of Washington Cell Analysis Facility
Los Alamos National Laboratories National Flow Cytometry Resource Home Page (Protocols)
The University of Texas Medical Branch Molecular Cytometry Facility
The MIT Flow Cytometry Core Facility
The University of Maryland Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Mount Sinai School of Medicine Flow Cytometry Core
Michigan State University Flow Cytometry Facility
Princeton University Flow Cytometry Core
Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Facility
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory
Wistar Institute Flow Cytometry Facility Home Page

Europe and Australia

Flow Cytometry at Aberystwyth
EMBL Flow Cytometry Site
The University of Wales College of Medicine (UWCM) at Cardiff Flow Cytometry Page
Advanced Laser Cytometry Facility at Leicester University
Ray Hicks’ FCSPress
Imperial Cancer Research Fund FACS Laboratory
The University of Bern Flow Cytometry Facility (Switzerland)
Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Centro de Citometría y Citómica (Spain)
Unitat de Citometria, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol (Spain)
Servicio de Citometría de Flujo, Universitat de Lleida (Spain)
Servicio de Citometría de Flujo, UPF (Spain)
Servicios Científico-Técnicos, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)
Servicio de Citometría de Flujo, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain)
The University of Queensland Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis Nanoworld Home Page

Flow Cytometry Societies

International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) WWW Home Page
Clinical Cytometry Society
New York/New Jersey Flow Cytometry Users Group
Great Lakes International Imaging and Flow Cytometry Society
Palo Alto Flow Cytometry Users Group
Royal Microscopy Society
The Australasian Flow Cytometry Group Web Site
Belgian Association for Cytometry
British Society for Histocompatibility
Iberian Society of Cytometry (Sociedad Iberica de Citometria)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zytometrie (DGfZ)
Italian Cytometry Group
The Wiley Cytometry Site
The Society of Fluorescence
The London FlowClub
European Cytometry Network
European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis
Irish Cytometry Society
Association Française de Cytométrie


Apogee Flow Systems
BD Biosciences
Chroma Technology
Coherent Inc.
DVS Sciences
JSAN Cell Sorter
Life Technologies
Millipore (Guava Technologies)
Miltenyi Biotec
Union Biometrica